Oscar Kwek

Oscar Kwek

The first time I went to a church, I had lots of questions. Who is Jesus? Why does everyone sing songs to worship him? Why do they cry or laugh while worshiping or singing? Why do they speak in a language that I don’t understand? I was puzzled by all those stuff. Despite the confused state that I was in, I left the questions unanswered.

In the beginning of 2017, I was introduced by a friend’s cell group leader to attend the Alpha Course. I was told that the course was a series of interactive sessions that explores the basics of the Christian faith and would help me know more about Christianity. I thought maybe this would help clear some of the doubts I had in my mind, so I decided to try Alpha.

After attending a few sessions, I found it an incredible experience. The Alpha Course has helped me to look at things differently and better understand the various aspects of Christianity and intrigued me into wanting to know even more about God and the gospel.

Many of the questions I once had were addressed for me. One of the big ones I had was: What’s so special about Christianity as a religion? Before I got to know more about Christianity, I had the mindset that Christianity was just one of the many religions in Singapore, but I realised that I was wrong about it. Through the course, I found out Christianity had a key difference that separates it from the other religions - more than just a religion, it is a relationship that God has wants to have with His children.

Another question I had was, why do I have to pray? Through the course, I learnt that it is through prayer that I could build the relationship with God. Prayers also prepares me for God’s answers in ways that I never expected. The insights I gained for these two questions, along with many others I had, made the Alpha experience a truly fruitful one for me.

I recommend new believers to join the Alpha Course to strengthen their root in their walk with God. For those willing to explore to know more about Christianity, Alpha Course aptly gives a good overview of Christianity and helps one understand more about it.