Destiny Ong

Destiny Ong

I have always led a very busy life because busyness to me serves as an hedge to emptiness - that was up till my brush with death during a medical ordeal in 2016. I survived the ordeal but it left me with burning questions on the deeper meaning to life, morality and divine truth.

I grew up seeking and questioning what has the power to change and transform peoples’ heart and intentions and how do we fully heal and restore our inner emotional scars and wounds that most of us refused to acknowledge or identify. I explored many self development courses and religions to fulfil my needs for the answers, comfort and hope but was left dissatisfied.

An invitation to try Alpha made me really curious, as it was introduced to me under no pressure and I was welcomed to exchange all my views. I get to ask all questions I had about God and Christianity.

I’m thankful for the Alpha sessions which were fun and engaging; I enjoyed the open and safe group discussions that revealed answers to some fundamental questions. For me, it offered real tangible testimonial evidences of God. Alpha course is incredibly comprehensive in its broadness of topics.

What I liked most is the unpretentious casual setting of a committed group of people coming together to share their thoughts and experiences; and the intention of wanting to grow together.

Alpha helped me understand more about Jesus and started my journey of faith. If you are open to seek, let Alpha reveal to you.