Jerry Lee

All my adult life I have been firm about being agnostic - one who holds that the existence of God is beyond human knowledge; thus, I do not bother to follow any religion nor declare myself an atheist. However, as social beings, there are times when life’s struggles push us to a depth where we just want to cry out for divine help. I reached a low point in my life where I needed help and asked a friend to pray for me as I felt I did not deserve to ask her God for help as I did not acknowledge this God of hers. Instead, she told me to pray myself and that God will listen to me. After I prayed, I somehow felt I could only rely on divine help in my predicament and I wanted to believe that there was a God. That's when I wanted to ask questions to satisfy my logical mind and came on the Alpha Course.

As I had some prior knowledge about the Christian faith, the facilitators at Alpha played the role of filling in the gaps of what I didn’t know, in a very open, gentle and patient environment. I could ask the most ridiculous questions to them, and many of their answers were backed by scriptures from the bible. After attending a few sessions, I discovered more about the existence of a God who loves us all and why.

My life has never been the same after being reconciled with our Creator and God. I have a sense of purpose, new found strength and motivation in everything I do. In new struggles, I see new light – that God will shine for us. I came to the realisation that the answers to all of life's questions can be found in the bible. The Alpha course is really meant for people who have some thirst to seek spiritual/divine answers. Even if you may not be very open, you just have to come and see for yourself.